Husband flirts with her in front of me

Husband flirts with her in front of me

Before this trip, I felt a sense of danger.

about love.

  March is a good season.

I, Xu Shiqian, Du Hangzhi and his newly-married wife Lin Lengmei decided to take a vacation together and travel together.

  Lin Lengmei is a pure woman, delicate and charming, a lovely little girl.

Really, she is the typical woman who can inspire men’s protection and make men more masculine.

Looking at her eyes is very compelling.

She reminds people of Persian cats.

  Shiqian once said to me that the young boy of the ship was very happy and married a natural stunner.

I laughed and said, you regret getting married?

He said, no.

Marrying such a woman is so fucking tiring, Hang Zhi watched like a jealous man all day, maybe one day he still flew.

You have n’t seen Hangzhi get upset and married before marriage, but now, what ‘s wrong, it ‘s hard to fight against Jiangshan, and it ‘s even harder to defend against Jiangshan.

How dare we disturb this mischief by an ordinary scholar.

Besides, you are noble and elegant, how can she compare with you!

  He exaggerated and gave me a slight poke on my cheek.

  I knew he was courting me at will, and I was still very happy and my smile was in the jungle immediately.

When you love someone deeply, that person can easily make you happy.

  Shiqian and I have gone through youth together through the bitterest seasons in my life.

After marriage, we treat each other with sincerity and silently change ourselves for each other.

Now, in his old age, he is mature, stable, and has a handsome appearance.

I hope that during this trip, Lin Lengmei can become a touchstone to test our love.

  At the beginning, everyone was polite, and then they became familiar with each other. Shiqian and Lengmei laughed and scolded blatantly. I didn’t care, but found that there was an injured expression in the eyes of Hang.

After returning to the room, I reminded Shiqian and paid attention to size. Hangzhi was already unhappy.

Shi Qian doesn’t take it for granted that you are upset!

The tone of his speech made me strange.

I don’t hold my breath.

He grabbed my waist from behind me and said in my ear, get angry, don’t be so small, how about your confidence and grace?

Modestly kissed my ears and neck.

Suddenly, I feel that his caressing lacks true feelings and is suspected of perfunctory.

  Later, I witnessed his emotional migration.

His eyes followed her imperceptibly and often flirted with her.

Even though I knew he was restraining himself, his heart still hurt.

In this way, my self-confidence was destroyed during the day, and the wound was closed at night, as regular as the full moon.

  The more I love him, the more I want to follow him, and the more I fall into a weightless situation, I really don’t know what to do.

I comfort myself, this is only a short competition between love and passion, everything will pass.

  After dinner, we went back to our respective rooms to rest.

After taking a shower, he was neatly dressed, can’t wait to wait, shouted at them both, and went to the bar together.My tears fell down.

  ”If you do n’t go, do n’t go, what are you crying for?

“He said impatiently.

  ”You don’t want to stop for a while. Are we tired of your time alone?

Gone are the days of sitting side by side and joking with each other?

“I looked at his handsome face, tears rippled.

  ”Do you have to waste this every minute with annoying nagging?


“Stop this futile argument, you know why I cried, and I also know that you have other worries, without extra patience and energy to soothe my mood.

Go on your own, do what you are willing to do, and stop bullying yourself.

“” What do I do alone?

Shi Qian shouted and pulled down his tie, and when he stepped on his shoes, he took off his clothes and went to bed.

  I really don’t know, I should use some kind of smile to maintain my grace tomorrow.

The trip is finally over.

Thank God, I didn’t find any transgression between them.

At seven in the morning, Shi Qian said he went to buy a ticket.

I said I was waiting for you at the hotel.

He hesitated, and went out.

After about half an hour, I was packing.

When I heard the knock on the door, I opened the door and there was a message for me on the ground.

There was an ominous premonition.

The letter said: You immediately go to Room 314 of Jiangyan Hotel, where your husband is.

  Walking on a foreign street, I was thinking, what about my lover?

Tears burst out suddenly.

Knocking on the door of room 314, Lengmei’s voice came: put clean clothes on the cabinet and lock the door.

She thought I was a waiter.

Turning the door lock, my heart was jumping out.

I took a deep breath to calm down and walked in bravely.

  On the bed, Lengmei and Shiqian are entangled; on the carpet, bras, panties, socks and other clothing are like scattered flowers.

One can imagine how eagerly and romantically the two of them could show everything.

  My fists were clenched tightly, and my heartache shivered.

The legs did not listen to the call and settled in place.

Immediately, I lost my strength to move forward.

There is an eternal distance.

Shi Qian climbed up in horror and shame, and her naked body stood on the carpet unconsciously.

  Why am I so weak?

Why not go and give him two slaps and twist his face?

So far, what am I expecting?

What else do you want to keep?

  Time is full of pain and struggle.Only tears kept dripping.

Yes, I am still deeply attached to this misty man.

  Leng Mei’s poor Baba said: “Sister Ling, I don’t want to destroy your family. I just want to lean in his arms and talk.

I have longed for too long, and few men make me feel as secure as him.

“I sneered and said,” For the man’s wife, the man who made you feel safe is no longer safe.

  ”He is a man with a responsibility to return. Don’t worry, he will never abandon you.

Because when we have sex, he is always very careful not to let me get pregnant.

Lin Lengmei spit out every word slowly and clearly.

The gesture of victory was secretly conveyed to me.

  ”You shut up!

Shi Qian shouted at Leng Mei with excitement.

He was angry at Leng Mei’s disregard for the facts; it seemed to sharpen her intentions; Leng Mei recovered her poor expression again.


I also noticed the word.

Knowing that she was stimulating me and fighting me, she was victorious.

  I feel like the whole thing has been crushed.

I want to go home, I want to go home.

I mumbled and went out.

  ”Linger, wait for me.

“The heart has been hollowed out.

I want to leave this dangerous place, like an injured fawn, find a safe place to lick the wound quietly.

Shi Qian followed.

“Don’t come near me!

“I eagerly shook his hands at him.

  ”You listen to me explain.

She showed me that her physical injury was caused by Hang Zhi. She was too weak, and I couldn’t help comforting her.

“Si Qian wants to hold my hand.

  I kept going back and said, “You are very kind.

Marry her, so that you can protect the woman who entangles you like a rattan for a lifetime.

“” Don’t be angry, Linger.

“He approached me and looked at me deeply.

Finally held me in my arms.

  Can he still bear it?

I asked myself.

I pushed him away, and he hugged me tighter and said, “I’m really sorry, forgive me.

“I couldn’t help crying.

After venting, my heart was much calmer.

I know from his eyes that he has come out of Leng Mei’s temptation.

However, love has lost its original purity. It is just that a piece of fine porcelain has flaws, and whether it is left or lost has a powerless feeling, will my fate change as a result?

  ”Fight separately.This is fair to everyone.

Let us all calm down and calm down with geography, waiting for what we really need and what to give up. The value of this marriage is not worth retaining; I am helpless.

“You said that just ignoring flaws is perfect.

“Siqian eagerly called, as if seizing life-saving grass.

  ”Yes, but I can’t ignore it now.

If the peroxide is still in my mind, or if the flaw has been changed from a crack to a gap, I will break it down, otherwise, one day, it will all hurt and bleed.

“I insisted.

Then, I saw the pain and despair in Shi Qian’s eyes.

“Maybe time to heal wounds.

“I added one more sentence.

Just to comfort him.

Just to comfort him.
So, for a long time, we waited in tranquility, no longer panic.

  At nine o’clock every night, he called me on time.

I never took it.

  Finally, one day, I felt that the original pain and anger were not worth mentioning in the face of many years of feelings. These days, I feel that I have not left him for a moment and have been living in his breath.

I told myself that a person’s life cannot always be so smooth, so colorful, there is always something unpleasant, and the dark impurities are mixed into it, which is true.

Yes, mistakes do change something and make us lose our course, but this does not mean changing our lives, nor does it mean losing forever.

  I finally ignored the flaw that was once very concerned.

When the long-awaited telephone rang, I quickly pressed the answer button.

“I want to go home.

“He whispered at the end of the phone.


“I was so speechless.

  Then he quickly appeared in front of me and leaned over and muttered to me.

He said that he called me every night in front of our house, just to not give me a chance to repent after I promised.

He also said that he was eagerly and eagerly waiting to go home every day.

He also said that he really loved me . still the voice and the look, everything, everything was as kind and beautiful as long ago.

A heart that had been clenched by pain was ironed by words.

  Finally understand that the heartache in your life must be what you care about the most.

I am grateful that I have never used short, narrow self-esteem in exchange for a lifetime of happiness.

In the future, when faced with pain, I tried my best to maintain a quiet mind, and never made choices easily.

I often remind myself to use the lamp of wisdom to guide the navigation of life.