Three essential moves for home training

Three essential moves for home training

There are many limitations in family training. Some training conditions are relatively simple. Problems such as single action choices will affect the effect of family training. After the practice is triggered, it will affect the enthusiasm of exercise. This is unfortunatething.

Today I will tell you a little trick, which can still produce good exercise results in a very simple training environment.

  In fact, without auxiliary equipment, there are three movements that can help us achieve the effect of one exercise, whether it is muscle gain or fat reduction, as long as these three movements can be.

Some friends will feel a bit exaggerated, right?

In fact, otherwise, the training method is imitated, and there is an inevitable regularity in it. As long as it is reasonable to find, you can put several actions together to form a training.

Just like the three essential moves of home training that I want to talk about today, keep practicing and you will have unexpected results.


Push-ups: Push-ups are easy to practice.

However, you can do a simple test with your friends and see who can do it 20 times. If you can do it, don’t be too happy!

This is just a passing level.

I think it’s not easy to make 10 friends who don’t exercise in general.

Being able to do more than 30 times without interruption shows that your physical fitness has a certain foundation.

Push-ups can exercise many muscles such as our chest, arms, hips, shoulders, and shoulders, so this action is essential in home training.


Lying on your back: There are many movements for practicing abdominal muscles. As shown in the figure, this abdominal movement is the most effective exercise for abdominal exercises without equipment.

Including the lower abdomen, the entire abdomen will have a significant effect.

This action requires us to prepare a pad and put it on it, with both hands on both sides of the legs. When the abdomen is rolled up, both hands work hard to move forward.

Then slowly, step by step, and repeat the exercise.


Squats: Squats are a very good exercise for the legs.

The essentials of the action are that your hands are level on the ground, your feet are slightly wider than your shoulders, and when you are squatting, try not to exceed your toes, sit on your back, feel the hip muscles fully tightened, squat to a position where your thighs are parallel to the ground, and then stand up.

Repeat the exercise.

  These three actions actually exercised our muscles and joints.

It is the best combination in family training.

If a friend wants to gain muscle, he can practice six groups in one movement, and each group is exercised until there is no energy, and then the next exercise is practiced.

If you want to lose fat, you can practice 20 moves in each group without waiting for the next exercise. All three exercises are completed in one group, and then interrupted. A total of 6 groups of exercises are performed.