[How to make tea by hand at home]_How to do_How to do

[How to make tea by hand at home]_How to do_How to do

In fact, when people drink tea, they use fresh tea leaves, and a variety of teas have different effects.

In life, there are other methods of tasting tea, and some fried teas are a way people prefer.

The reason why tea is fried is mainly to “kill” the tea. The main purpose of doing so is to maintain the long-lasting taste of the tea and emit a fresh fragrance.

So, what is the method of home-made manual tea?

First, clean the picked tea leaves and clean up the small bugs and debris that are hiding inside.

It is best to choose this kind of “one core and one leaf” when picking tea leaves, which has better taste and more fragrance.

Wash the pot and heat it up before you pour the tea.

The large pot has a large heating area, and the tea leaves will not be piled up. In addition, the firewood stove can control the heat.

Then, on low heat, kept frying with hands.

Move a little faster, otherwise the tea will burn.

Frying by hand is more flexible, and disposable gloves cannot be worn, so be sure to wash your hands before frying tea.

Control the heat, just keep frying.

Be careful not to burn your hands.

After more than ten minutes, you can stir fry while holding and kneading, this will make the leaves curl better.

When you fry this color in about an hour, you should speed up the stir fry.

After about forty minutes, when the tea leaves are fried to this color, they are almost ready to serve.

When it comes out of the pan, place it in a container with a newspaper pad.

Stand cool.

You can drink it the next day.

Tea roasting is a long and arduous process. We are busy from 6.30pm to 8.10pm.

However, it is also because it is fried by itself, and it tastes extremely sweet.