Skincare Level 3 Flutter Sensitive Little Mars_1

Skincare Level 3 Flutter Sensitive Little Mars

Everyone has the possibility of allergies, even those with very good skin can not be taken lightly.

But why do some people recover from a small allergy?

What about some people who are allergic?

  In the sensitive initial stage, it is necessary to extinguish “Little Mars” in time. Once it has been turned into “Hagiwara Fire”, it is not easy to solve it.

  Level 1 alert is tight and hydrating!

     Most people wait until they are thirsty before drinking water, but they do not know that their bodies are already dehydrated at that time.

Similarly, we always think that the face is starting to turn red, that is the beginning of sensitivity. In fact, the initial stage is dryness.

When you feel tightness in your jaws, corners of your mouth, and forehead, you need to be vigilant.

In the beginning, the skin was not very fragile, and it was not a substitute for skincare.

Seize the opportunity to “resurrect” the skin. Water is the source of life. Use a variety of methods to replenish the water. -1. Be sure to use a moisturizing lotion.

I have contacted a lot of MMs who are very good at maintenance. They use good creams and the essence of various effects, but they always feel that they are not well absorbed. When I asked, I knew that they did not use “water”.

The first step after washing your face is to use a lotion. This is not called moisturizing, because it can’t “guarantee”, but is really hydrating.

Also use a wet sponge and a dry sponge to absorb water. Absolutely, the wet sponge absorbs quickly and evenly. The step of using lotion is to turn your face into a soft “wet sponge”.

  2. Make a gentle hydrating mask every day.

It is believed that most girls will have a more preferred moisturizing mask, such as the appropriate herbal herbal pure aromatherapy mask (chamomile essential oil), in the sensitive primary stage, that is, the skin is beginning to feel tight.

it is good!

Still use the same moisturizing mask that you always use, and do it every day or every other evening.

The so-called anti-allergy treatment, in fact, half of the content is moisturizing.

But what about the eyes?

It is recommended to buy a refreshing eye cream with a small amount of gel, such as H2O Eye Oasis Moisturizing Gel. When making a mask, use this eye cream as an eye mask, apply a thick layer, do not wash, and wipe with a cotton pad.A little more, tap and tap to absorb all.

Then apply a thin layer of eye cream.

  3. Drink plenty of water.

Rich “water cycle” from the inside to the outside, drink more water every day, do not drink carbonated beverages, you can drink some fruit juice or green tea, can also help the body to supplement the vitamins and polyphenols needed, and also help the skin’s immunity.

  Secondary alert redness soothes!

     If your skin has begun to be full of vibrant red bloodshots, and often gets hot and feels swollen, you can no longer be negligent. This is the second stage of sensitivity.

  There are two major reasons for the appearance of red bloodshots. One is the loss of material wrapped around bloodshots deep in the skin. Red bloodshots are not protected, and they are particularly sensitive to external temperature changes and invasions, and easily swell.

To replenish the deep loss of skin, you must use some anti-debilitating essence or mask, such as Avene Red Blood Cell Repair Essence, but it is not recommended to use it in sensitive collision periods, this is a long-term, slow project.

  Another reason is that as the epidermis becomes thinner, the protection of red blood cells is also violated, exposing it to the “outside.”

This is caused by prolonged use of preventive cleaning products, etc., and the skin is getting thinner and thinner.

Change to a milder cleaning product and reduce the frequency of exfoliation, so that the stratum corneum regains its normal metabolic state.

  So what can we do with red blood in sensitive times?

First of all, it is necessary to stabilize the skin with high blood pressure, so soothing is an important step.

It is recommended that you can put two things in your bag, a small can of spray, and a post-sun repair product.

Buy a 50ml bottle of spray, such as La Roche-Posay spray, which can be used on the face when there is no air circulation, which can effectively calm the skin and hydrate it.But after spraying, be sure to use paper towels to absorb the water that has been replaced, otherwise the skin’s own moisture will be taken away during the evaporation of the excess water, making it drier.

After-sun repair products, such as AQUA after-sun lotion, are often clear gels and feel cool. Because they are used to repair sunburn in time, the ingredients must be very simple and safe, often with some calming effectsIngredients, so it is very suitable for use when the skin is red and swollen.