[Can the yellow in crawfish eat?]

[Can the yellow in crawfish eat?]

Many people like to eat crayfish, because the practice of crayfish is very many, but no matter this method is adopted, it can reflect the delicious and special crayfish, and at the same time it has very high nutritional value.The quality of the crayfish is also very tender, but many people do not know enough about the yellow in the crayfish, and do not know whether it is edible. So can the yellow in the crayfish eat?

First, can the yellow in the crayfish be eaten?

Under normal circumstances, the yellow of the head of the crayfish is shrimp yellow, it is best not to eat.

The head of the crayfish contains many major organs, and the metal content is also relatively high. It is not suitable for consumption, otherwise it will easily cause adverse effects on the body.

Second, the yellow substance inside the crayfish head is shrimp yellow.

When the shrimp is mature, the head and neck will contain shrimp yellow, so the shrimp with shrimp yellow must be female shrimp, but without shrimp yellow is not necessarily male shrimp, the female shrimp is immature and can not see shrimp yellow.

The common crab yellow is not commonly known to ordinary people. The shrimp head of a female shrimp becomes yellow before it becomes pregnant, commonly known as a “red head”.

In addition to shrimp meat, tempting shrimp yellow is also a favorite of many people.

Lobster heads, gills, intestines, and many people’s favorite shrimp yellow are best removed and not eaten.

According to experts, the main organs such as the gills, liver, and stomach of crayfish are concentrated in the head. Food, water flows and stays in the head. The heavy metal content in the head of the shrimp often exceeds the tail.Close to the liver and vulnerable to contamination.

Therefore, it is best to eat shrimp yellow.

Third, do not eat drunk shrimp, shrimp sashimi and other foods. Some parasites can use shrimp as an intermediate host. Taking liver fluke as an example, its larvae “cyst cyst” parasitize in the muscles of shrimp. People eat shrimp containing cystYou may get liver fluke disease.

General condiments such as soy sauce and vinegar kill cysts in undead fish and shrimp, but it is safe after boiling at high temperature.

Can the yellow in the crayfish be eaten?


The shrimp’s circulatory system and respiratory and reproductive systems are concentrated in the head, and the abdomen can be said to be just a motor organ.

From a health point of view, it is really not recommended to eat shrimp’s head. In addition to the difficulty of removing the sediment, there may also be risks such as parasites. The black line on the back of the shrimp is its intestines, and of course it is shrimp.Poop should be removed before cooking.