Quite easy and easy Shiatsu

Quite easy and easy Shiatsu

Shiatsu your lips with your index finger at the middle of the acupoint before meals, press your thumb on the front of your upper lip, and quickly press it 30 times within 10 seconds.

This method can control appetite and make the stomach no longer feel newborn.

However, this method should not be done in public places, it is easily noticeable.

  Avoid eating snacks. Press the tips of the two fingers, press the top of the wrist, slowly move the thumb up to the front of the little finger, and hold it with your left and right hands.

  During the meal, press the stomach with the index finger and middle fingertips, and press the center point between the sternum and the belly button. This method can fill the stomach and control fatigue.

Do it about 30 times in 10 seconds.

  Eliminate tension and obsessive shiatsu method. Obese people like to eat a lot when they are nervous or stressed. At this time, they can press each other with their left and right hands, pressing from the index finger all the way to the elbow joint, which can eliminate tension.Reduce stress and change the negative psychological factors of eagerness to eat due to stress.