Comb hair self-test: Will you be bald?

Comb hair self-test: Will you be bald?

Are we bald?

The growth of a person’s hair has been inherited, living habits, living environment and other factors are related. The re-transfer of hair often gives us the illusion of “loss of hair and almost balding”.

The 60-second comb self-test method introduced below will help you determine if you are “bald” and treat your armor early.

  Too many middle-aged men suffer from hair loss.

According to the US “Health Day” website, by counting the hair falling from the comb, one can predict whether a person will be bald.

Jeffrey Associate Professor of Dermatology, Affiliated Hospital of Hershey Binn Medical College, Ford?

Miller has studied hair loss for many years.

  50% of people have baldness until the age of 50. After analyzing the research data, he found that males and females generally have excessive hair loss. 50% of people will have a certain degree of baldness by the age of 50.

“Normal hair loss is a need for human metabolism. Too much is not a good thing.

This may indicate that you may have a health problem, or that you are often in a bad mood or under stress, but for whatever reason, it will bring you closer to baldness.

“Ten tricks to prevent hair loss1.

No nylon combs and head brushes.

Nylon combs and head brushes are prone to static electricity and can cause bad irritation to hair and scalp.

The most ideal is to replace boxwood combs and bristle head brushes, which can remove dandruff and increase hair gloss while massaging the scalp and promoting blood circulation.


Wash your hair frequently.

The interval between washing your hair is preferably 2-5 days.

While shampooing, massage while rubbing can keep the scalp clean and make the scalp blood circulation.


Do not use degreasing or alkaline shampoos.

These shampoos have strong degreasing and dehydrating properties, and are prone to dry hair and scalp necrosis.

Choose a neutral natural shampoo that is not irritating to the scalp and hair, or substitute it for your own hair.


Quit smoking.

Smoking constricts the scalp veins, which affects hair growth and development.


Moderate drinking.

Liquor, especially hot liquor, highlights the scalp and generates heat and moisture, causing hair loss.

Even beer should be in moderation, and the liver should be “rested” for at least two days a week (ie, stop drinking).


Eliminate feelings of depression.

The mental state is unstable, fearing that anxiety will cause hair loss every day, the deeper the depression, the faster the hair loss.

For women, with a busy life and a proper amount of exercise, their hair will be dark and full of vitality.

On the contrary for men, the more stressful their lives, the hectic their work, and the chances of hair loss surpass.

Therefore, regular deep breathing, walking, relaxing gymnastics, etc. can eliminate the mental fatigue of the day.


Be careful with perm hair.

The temperature of the hot air blown by the hair dryer reaches 100 degrees, which will damage the hair tissue and hurt the scalp. Therefore, avoid always blowing hair.
The number of perms should not be too much. The effect of the perm on the hair is elongated, the number of times is shortened, and the hair is greatly injured.

Eat more vegetables to prevent constipation.

We should insist on eating more grains and fruits for many years.

If the intake of vegetables is reduced, it will easily cause constipation and “reduce blood”, which will affect the quality of the hair. Hemorrhoids will accelerate hair loss on the top of the head.


The air conditioner should be suitable.

Both warm and humid winds and cold winds of air conditioners can cause hair loss and gray hair. Too dry or too humid air is not good for protecting hair.


Pay attention to the ventilation of hats and helmets.

The hair is intolerant to sweltering heat. Some people wearing hats and helmets have long, airtight and prone to stuffy hair.

  How to comb your hair?

  Miller studied 60 men aged 20-60 who had no bald weight, none of whom were curly.

The researchers gave some of the same combs and asked them to comb their hair in the same position in front of a white plastic plate for 60 seconds.

Then count the hair on the plastic plate and comb.

Researchers then followed up with these people to see if they had previously experienced balding.

It was found that in men 20-40 years old, the amount of hair loss ranged from 0-78, with an average of 10.

2 pieces.

Among men aged 40-60, the amount of hair loss ranges from 0-43, with an average of 10.

3 pieces.

The follow-up survey results show that the more the number of hair loss exceeds the average, the greater the chance of bald growth in the future.

  Researchers say that there is no specific standard for the number of hair loss. Generally, it may reach more than 100 hairs a day, but these hairs can be replaced at any time. No one can count them clearly. The 60-second counting rule is generally applicable and can help you monitor the number of hair.Root, it’s best to see a doctor.