Seven bad habits easily cause constipation

Seven bad habits easily cause constipation

Constipation is a common clinical symptom, not a disease. It mainly refers to a reduction in the number of defecations, a decrease in the amount of stool, a dry stool, and a laborious defecation.

Because constipation is a common symptom, the severity of the symptoms varies. Most people often do not pay special attention to it, and think that constipation is not a disease and does not require treatment, but in fact it is very harmful.

“Alarm” signs of constipation include blood in the stool, anemia, weight loss, fever, melena, abdominal pain, etc., and a family history of tumors.

If the “alarm” sign appears, you should go to the hospital immediately for further examination.

  Normal animals have no constipation. Why do people have it?

Constipation is not a disease, but it is terrible when constipated.

Look at the seven major causes of constipation below to find out if you have such a bad habit.

  Reason 1: There is no regular bowel movement. When you have a bowel movement, don’t “bear it” first.

When you suppress this infestation, it becomes difficult to think about defecation later.

Because the sensitivity to fecal stimuli will be lost over time, the defense will stay dry and hard after staying on the field for too long.

Therefore, you may consider “defecation” as a top priority, and when it is convenient, you should resolve it first.

  Reason 2: There are always some people who read books or newspapers in the toilet, so they must take books or newspapers when they go to the toilet.

This is actually a very bad habit.

When you have a bad stool, sitting on the toilet, looking at books and newspapers, looks very leisurely. However, many people may not know that after 10 minutes, if you are still sitting on the toilet, the pressure on the anus will be urgent.This is how the health of the anus is quietly destroyed.

  Reason 3: Often wearing plastic belts or bodybuilding tights inhibits the parasympathetic nerves that regulate bowel movements and reduces the digestive juices secreted in the large intestine. In the small intestine, the force that pushes food decomposition forward becomes weak, so food residues pass through the large intestine.It takes more time than normal.

The professor pointed out that it is in this process that constipation can easily occur.

Therefore, for women with severe constipation, try not to wear tights, especially when sleeping, and do not give too much restraint to the body.

  Reason 4: Taking constipation medicines habitually If you take constipation medicines for a long time, it will definitely cause physical harm.

Because you can’t use your own ability to defecate, you have to surpass external forces and have a dependent effect.

The intestinal wall thins long before, which can harm the body.

  Reason 5: The diet is excessively fine and less slag is incorporated into the economic development and the improvement of living standards. People have increased the consumption of animal foods. Chickens, ducks, fish, meat and other foods are eating more and more, and the more cereals are eating.Less and less, and mainly polished rice, refined noodles.

Because the food is too delicate, the absorption of fiber is expected to decrease, resulting in slow internal peristalsis, poor bowel movements and constipation.

It is estimated that these residents nutrition surveys found that the average daily dietary fiber intake per person has dropped from 26 grams to 17 grams.

  Reason 6: Insufficient fluid intake is best for patients with constipation 8 a day?
10 glasses of water.

Especially in the morning, drinking a glass of warm water on an empty stomach can awaken the large intestine and stimulate the response to recovery.

In addition, 70% of stool is water. From this point of view, excess water transfer is very necessary to improve constipation.

Because if our body lacks water, the water in the stool will be absorbed by the large intestine, and as a result, the stool will become dry.

Hardened stools are difficult to lubricate through the rectum and anus, causing pain in defecation, causing injury to the anus, causing bad symptoms such as anal fissure.

  Reason 7: Less exercise, sedentary and less movement, long-term dislike of exercise, slow tandem peristalsis, weak muscle contraction, lower abdominal pressure and insufficient power to defecate, which is prone to constipation.