How sub-health improves five health medicated diets to help you adjust

How sub-health improves five health medicated diets to help you adjust

Sub-health is a critical state. This is a phenomenon that occurs because our bodies are immediately unhealthy. So how can we improve this situation?

Next, I will introduce the solution for you . Ginseng Clam Soup[According to the code]Ginseng is sweet, slightly bitter, warm, enters the spleen, lung meridian, has great vitality and calms down.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” stated that “all men and women have fever and spontaneous sweating, dizziness and headache .”.

Modern medical research shows that ginseng can improve the body’s immunity and resistance, and excite the central nervous system.

  [Ingredients]10 to 20 clams, 15 grams of ginseng, 20 grams of wolfberry, rice wine, salt and other spices.

  [Methods]Wash the clams with spitting water. Boil in 4 bowls of water and boil the ginseng and wolfberry for 5 to 10 minutes. Add the clams.

  [Efficacy]This product enhances immunity, strengthens body, and resists anti-cancer.

Suitable for weak people with weak immunity, decreased adaptability and often minor illness.

  [Hint]Those with hot and humid spleen and stomach should not eat it.

  Hawthorn pepper crab 【According to the code】 Hawthorn has sour taste, sweetness, warmth, enters the spleen, stomach, liver meridian, can dissipate food, promote blood circulation and disperse blood stasis.

The “Compendium of Materia Medica” states that it “changes diet, eliminates flesh accumulation, . is full of swallowing acid, stagnation of blood and pain”.

Pharmacological research shows that hawthorn contains a lot of vitamin C and other substances, which can help digestion and promote metabolism.

  [Ingredients]A green crab, red pepper, 30 grams each of garlic, 50 grams of hawthorn, watercress sauce and other spices.

  [Methods]Wash the crabs for future use.

Hot pot Bacheng hot hawthorn, stir-fry garlic cloves for a while, add bean paste, red pepper, stir-fry, add sugar, tomato juice and other seasonings, add an appropriate amount of water, add green crab, simmer on medium heat for 20 minutes, thinHarvest juice and serve.

  [Efficacy]This product is degreasing, eliminates food accumulation, promotes metabolism, and prevents slight accumulation.

Suitable for crowd exercise, puffiness and weakness, and loss of appetite.

  [Tip]Those with cold spleen and stomach, thin stools, unresolved wind and stubborn skin diseases, avoid eating.

  Zaoren Millet Porridge[According to the Code]”Compendium of Materia Medica” describes millet “to cure nausea and heat stagnation, cook porridge, eat Dantian, tonic, and open up the stomach”; Zaoren soothes the heart, relieves stress, and longevity benefits longevity .…[Ingredients]100 grams of millet, 20 grams of dried jujube kernels, moderate amount of honey.

  [Practice]Xiaomi Taojing into the pot to boil congee, will be good, add jujube powder and cook for a while to turn off, add honey to taste before eating.

You can also add 8 dried red dates and cook together.

  [Efficacy]This product can nourish qi, soothe blood, nourish the spleen and moisturize.

It is more suitable for those who don’t sleep well and who wake up and dream more.

  [Tip]Poor sleep, you can eat late, add jujube kernels, and strive to be light and good for sleep.

  Luoshenhua Tofu Xingnao Decoction 【According to the Code】 In the Compendium of Materia Medica, there are a lot of records about flowers and herbs that are used for conditioning and physiology. The effect is outstanding.

Roselle is also called Roselle, Roselle, and contains hibiscus acid, which is considered to have a certain effect on the treatment of hypertension, hypertension, arteriosclerosis and other diseases; rosemary has the effect of depressing and soothing the nerves; together with home-made tofu, it can effectively improve the AsianThe state of health is excellent precipitation.

  [Ingredients]One piece of tofu, 100 grams of pork stuffing, 15 grams of Roselle, 12 grams of rosemary, 8 grams of stevia leaves, 6 sour plums, 15 grams of clematis, salt and shallots.

  [Practice]Except for plums, other anthers are wrapped into gauze packs with gauze. Add medicinal herbs, plums, and meat fillings to the pot, add a large amount of water to a high heat and boil over low heat for 20 minutes; then remove the medicinal packs, Put the tofu into small pieces, boil and add the seasoning, and you can eat.

  [Efficacy]This product refreshes and refreshes the mind.

It is often used in people with high work stress, insufficient energy, and three high and excessive.

  [Hint]Luoshenhua can also be used as a tea substitute to help regulate hyperlipidemia to suffer from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and weight loss.

But too much acid should be used less or not.

  Ejiao stewed burdock[According to the code]Ejiao nourishing top grade, can nourish blood and nourish yin, moisturize and stop bleeding, used for blood deficiency and chlorosis, dizziness and palpitations, upset and insomnia, lung dryness and cough, etc.Shortness of breath, weakness, weakness, weakness, prolonged anemia, dizziness, etc. Among them, the combination can quickly improve sub-health status.

  [Ingredients]200 grams of burdock, 20 grams of gelatin, one carrot, 25 grams of ginger, 8 grams of Morinda officinalis, 6 grams of continuity, 6 grams of jujube (the latter three flavor packs become a cloth medicine pack), a small amount of spices such as rice wine and salt.
  [Methods]Wash and cut carrots, cut beef into blood, add 8 cups of water to the casserole, add gelatin, and boil for 10 minutes; add another pan of fried ginger slices, add burdock, carrot pieces, rice wine, etc.Then pour it into a casserole and simmer it with medicinal sauce until the meat is cooked and seasoned.

  [Efficacy]This product nourishes liver and kidney, strengthens muscles and bones, nourishes qi and blood.

It is very helpful to the sub-healthy people who are weak, weak and weak in energy.

  [Tip]People with obesity, high feces, high cholesterol and weak digestion should not eat more.