[Is tofu high in sugar]_action_effect

[Is tofu high in sugar]_action_effect

The sugar content of tofu is relatively low, because the main starch, protein and trace elements of tofu have very low sugar content, which is suitable for diabetics. Moreover, tofu can produce satiety, but ca n’t eat too much tofu.People who cause indigestion and gout cannot eat tofu.

Now everyone can learn about the method of making tofu and the nutritional value of tofu.

Tofu has better nutrition, low sugar content, low glycemic index, and easy to produce satiety, reducing the patient’s desire to feed.

Therefore, the effect of tofu on blood sugar is relatively small, which is very suitable for patients with high blood sugar.

However, it should be noted that eating large amounts of tofu for a long time will cause indigestion, and the purity of tofu is high, which is a plant protein. For gout patients and patients with renal insufficiency, it is not recommended to consume a large amount, otherwise it will easily aggravate the disease.

At the same time, tofu is not a substitute for hypoglycemic agents.

Mapo Tofu Ingredients: 500g tofu, 40g pork Supplements: oil, raw soy sauce 10ml, white sugar 1g, Shexian bean paste 15g, soy sauce 10g, salt, water starch, spring onion, pepper powder 2g, ginger method 1, readyAll ingredients.

2. Wash and drain the pork and chop.

3. Cut the tofu into pieces and soak in the fresh brine for 10 minutes, and drain the water.

4. Wash and chop the green onion and ginger, and chop Minx bean paste.

5. Wok the ginger with oil and scallion.

6. Pour in minced meat and stir-fry.

7, then add Shexian Douban sauce, tempeh, stir-fry.

9, then add tofu, moderate amount of water, soy sauce, sugar.

10, tofu is cooked for 5 minutes, then add pepper powder, drizzle with water starch.

11. The spatula pushes the thick tofu soup and turns it out of the pan, then sprinkle with green onions.

Preserved egg tofu material Tofu, preserved egg, chicken essence, salt, spring onion, soy sauce, sesame oil, coriander

A large piece of tofu inside is scalded with boiling water and allowed to cool, and the preserved eggs are cut into small pieces; 2.

Preserved egg on tofu, sprinkle with chicken essence, salt, spring onion, drizzle soy sauce, sesame oil and put coriander to serve; 3.

Stir while eating.