[How to clean crayfish]_Recommended diet

[How to clean crayfish]_Recommended diet

Crayfish is rich in protein, and the meat is tender and tender, which is loved by friends.

At the same time, crayfish has a variety of production methods, all of which have a unique and delicious taste.

Especially in the summer, crayfish is also a common night market or a must-order seafood dish for large partners.

However, if the crayfish is not cleaned, it will affect the taste and taste. So how do you wash the crayfish?

First, washing the crayfish in flowing water can effectively remove impurities contained on the surface of the crayfish.

Next, use a clean brush to wash the crayfish’s abdomen. To avoid being caught by the crayfish, you can knock the crayfish and hold it next to the crayfish.

Also scrub other parts of the crayfish and scrub thoroughly.

For more safety, you can also cut off the claws of the crayfish. You can’t throw them away. There is also a lot of shrimp in the claws.

Then, put it in a clean container, add an appropriate amount of salt and vinegar, pour in an appropriate amount of cold water, mix well, put in the crayfish, and soak it.

You can let some magazines and dirty things inside the crayfish drain out. After about 30 minutes, you can even brush with the brush several times and rinse with water.

Finally, find the middle part of the tail of the crayfish, pull it slightly and pull it out. It is a thin black line, which is the intestine of the crayfish.

The stomach of the crayfish is located on the head, so to remove the stomach organs, cut it half with a knife and slowly pull it out.

Be careful not to remove the yellow paste, which is a very nutritious part.

Rinse with water a few times before you can boil.

The crayfish is washed and can be cooked perfectly.

Be sure to clean it when you make it at home, so that some dirty things in the crayfish may cause stomach discomfort and even diarrhea.

In order to eat more clean and reliable, be sure to wash carefully.