[How to make peanut rice and celery]_How to do_Methods Daquan

[How to make peanut rice and celery]_How to do_Methods Daquan

Baked peanut rice and celery is a cold dish that is very common in summer, delicious and cost-effective.

Celery and peanut rice are nutrient-rich ingredients. Especially if you eat celery regularly, it has the effects of hypertension, arteriosclerosis and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

We usually eat outside, but in fact the method is very simple, as long as we master the method, we can make delicious baked peanut rice and celery at home.

So, how to make peanut celery?

Materials needed: celery about 200g, peanut rice, about 100g, minced onion, about 8g, minced garlic, 3-5 petals, salt, about 4g, chicken essence, about 3g, olive oil, moderate amount of dried pepper pepper oil, pepper oil, vinegar 3?
5ml sugar 4g or so a small amount of sesame oil-Step-1 First, put the peanut rice in a pot, boil it for more than 15 minutes, cut it off, and don’t cook it too bad.

2 Then wash the celery.

The one I use is a vegetable washer for fruit and vegetable residues.

After washing, we cut the celery into sections with a length of 2-3 cm.

3 After the peanuts are cooked, remove them, rinse in cold water, and drain the water for later use.

4 Let’s simmer celery, put water in the pot, and then put some olive oil or other oils.

The role of refueling is to make the dish look better.

5 After the water is boiling, pour the celery pieces into the boiling water.

6 Then add about 1g of salt.

Adding salt is to make the vegetables taste more crispy.

7 just about 2 minutes in the water.

Don’t be too soft. Keep it crispy to make it delicious.

The fire can be controlled by yourself, and you can taste it at any time.

8 Then we cold the celery with cold water.

9 Then drain the water and set aside.

10 Then prepare the minced garlic, about 3-5 cloves will be fine.

I use this minced garlic tool to make the particles finer and more convenient.

11 Next, prepare some shallots.

12 Then we find a large salad bowl and put in the peanut rice and celery.

13 Then add minced shallot and minced garlic.

14 Then add about 3g of salt, about 3g of chicken essence, and then 1 tablespoon of about 4g of sugar.

15 Then add an appropriate amount of vinegar or dumpling vinegar, about 5ml.

You can control the sweet and sour taste.

16 Then add a few drops of pepper oil, don’t add more, just a little numb.

17 Then there is a small amount of sesame oil, just a few drops, it adds too much, but overlaps too much oily.

18 Then there is Laoganma chili oil, which is also added according to your own taste. This chili oil is not spicy, but it is very fragrant and tastes very good.

19 Finally, stir evenly, so that the seasonings are in full contact with the ingredients and produce feelings.

Then we can take advantage of it.

20 Emerald green celery and golden-yellow peanuts, are they pleasing to the eye?

21 The number of times this pour dish is spoiled in the summer is still quite large, because it is refreshing and delicious enough, and it is perfectly compatible with noodles, rice, or barbecue.

Especially while drinking draft beer, eating one by one, then sip, tell the old, look at football, talk about youth, or feel very happy, right?

22 Celery is rich in precipitated crude fiber and vitamins, which is still very popular for dear ones who need to lose weight and detox.

In particular, the taste is still very delicious, so it is one of the more favored tables.
23 peanuts contain protein and oils needed by the human body. It can be said that this combination is still very nutritious.
Celery and peanut rice, this salad is actually very simple and classic.

24 So gossip less, let’s chatter!

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The stronger the wind, the more waves I feel, haha.